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Nelly Furtado ft Timbaland - promiscuous proper

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Nelly Furtado - Promiscuous

(ft. Timbaland)

Am I throwin you off?
Didn"t think so

How you doin" young lady
That feelin" that you givin" really drives me crazy
You don"t have ta play about the joke
I was at a loss of words first time that we spoke

Looking for a girl that"ll treat you right
You lookin" for her in the day time with the light
You might be the type if I play my cards right
I"ll find out by the end of the night

You expect me to let you just let you hit it
But will you still respect me if you get it

All I can do is try, gimme one chance
What"s the problem I don"t see no ring on your hand

I be the first to admit it, I"m curious about you, you seem so innocent

You wanna get in my world, get lost in it
Boy I"m tired of running, lets walk for a minute

Promiscuous girl
Wherever you are
I"m all alone
And it"s you that I want

Promiscuous boy
You already know
That I"m all yours
What you waiting for?

Promiscuous girl
You"re teasing me
You know what I want
And I got what you need

Promiscuous boy
Let"s get to the point
Cause we"re on a roll
Are you ready?

Roses are red
Some diamonds are blue
Chivalry is dead
But you"re still kinda cute

Hey! I can"t keep my mind off you
Where you at, do you mind if I come through

I"m out of this world come with me to my planet
Get you on my level do you think that you can handle it?

They call me Thomas
last name Crown
Recognize game
I"m a lay mine"s down

I"m a big girl I can handle myself
But if I get lonely I"ma need your help
Pay attention to me I don"t talk for my health

I want you on my team
So does everybody else.

Baby we can keep it on the low
Let your guard down ain"t nobody gotta know
If you with it girl I know a place we can go

What kind of girl do you take me for?

Don"t be mad, don"t get mean
Don"t get mad, don"t be mean

Hey! Don"t be mad, don"t get mean
Don"t get mad, don"t be mean

Wait! I don"t mean no harm
I can see you with my t-shirt on

I can see you with nothing on
feeling on me before you bring that on

Bring that on
You know what I mean

Girl, I"m a freak you shouldn"t say those things

I"m only trying to get inside your brain
To see if you can work me the way you say

It"s okay, it"s alright
I got something that you gon" like

Hey is that the truth or are you talking trash
Is your game M.V.P. like Steve Nash

Promiscuous Girl
Wherever you are
I"m all alone
And its you that I want

Promiscuous Boy
I"m calling your name
But you"re driving me crazy
The way you"re making me wait

Promiscuous Girl
You"re teasing me
You know what I want
And I got what you need

Promiscuous Boy
We"re one in the same
So we don"t gotta play games no more

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