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Gorky Park - Tell Me Why

Альбом Русский Рок, Металл и Альтернатива (231 видео)

Gorky Park - Tell Me Why

Who"s to say which one of us is right
Everything ain"t always black and white
Now trying to change it ain"t easy
Nobody wants to believe me
I guess that I"m just that kind that won"t give up

Every day is like an uphill climb
We"ve got to learn to change
And leave the past behind
But trying to change it ain"t easy
Nobody wants to believe me
No matter what I do it never seems to be enough
But I won"t give up no I won"t give up

Tell me why why why oh whyaiaia
We can"t find the time to tryaiaia
Tell me why why why oh whyaiaia
I can"t win this fight without you

I know sometimes it seems to so hard
But just reach out and well be where you are
Oh you can make it so easy
If you"d only believe me
And try together cause we"ll be there for you
And we won"t give up no we won"t give up

Raise your hand together
Take a stand together
Let"s all try to win this fight

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